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The Town of Erwin Public Works Department has an outstanding history of constructing and maintaining the Right of Way infrastructure. We have a wonderful and dedicated department with some 20+ year veterans.

Our goal is to ensure the experience provided through public services is  a positive one, of residents and visitors alike. 

*****ATTN:  COVID-19 UPDATE********


The street department will be working under a Safer at Home schedule during the State of Tennessee’s State of Emergency mandate. There will only be the services of the junk and brush trucks running on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. This will continue until the State of Emergency mandate is lifted. During this time we will be limiting our workers and rotating them out weekly so they too can be safe as we all endure this scary time. Town mowing, pothole management and unforeseen emergencies will be evaluated and dealt with on a need to basis.

Public Works Garage

645 Watauga Avenue

Erwin, TN 37650



M-F 7AM-3:30PM


All tree trimming contractors/companies must visit Town Hall to apply for a Commercial Tree Removal and Trimming Permit prior to beginning work. The cost of the permit is five dollars ($5.00) and serves to protect the homeowner and contractor. Tree trimmings and cutting debris created by private companies and/or contractors must be removed by the company and disposed of off-site. In the event the brush is not disposed of, it will be the homeowner’s responsibility for the disposal.

Trimmings created by the homeowner will be collected at least once per week in each neighborhood. Only trimmings that are 6” in diameter or smaller and that are less than 12’ long will be picked up. Grass clippings, leaves, or other material that can be raked must be placed in bags. No other materials shall be placed in with the brush.

In the event of any delays, a paper door knocker will be placed on the door of the homeowner to inform of the issue and a potential collection date.

Policy Effective Date: January 1, 2019


LEAF Curbside leaf pickup is offered from October to February. We operate two leaf trucks with leaf vacuums during heavy volume in the fall. In the spring we will have a spring cleanup day closer to Earth Day to allow residents to gather all remaining leaves for disposal. Leaves can always be bagged and placed at the curb for pickup throughout the year by the town.

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The Town of Erwin has 280 road segments with over 52 linear miles of road.  With the assistance of other agencies and through bid lettings, we try our best to maintain and upgrade our road systems. Potholes are repaired in house as weather permits. 

We are also in charge of snow removal in the winter months. Our priority focus is the major thoroughfares to aid with emergencies and commerce. Once we are confident that those streets are passable, then we will move on to clearing side streets and residential areas. 


To report a pothole please call the Public Works Garage at 423-330-6660 and leave a message, or contact Town Hall at 423-743-6231.

Solid Waste Collection

Solid Waste Collection divided into three zones. Every city street is covered at least one time per week.  Please note the following items are no longer accepted by our Public works department and it is the residents responsibility for proper disposal.

Vehicle Batteries, TV's, Computers, Wet Paint, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Freezers, anything with a compressor or that held a compressor, anything with a gas tank, or construction material.

The Town of Erwin will also not accept any solid piece that is over 40 pounds, or more than will fit in one wheelbarrow at one time.

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