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The Town of Erwin Fire Department provides emergency response and educational services to the community. Our mission is to protect the citizens and visitors of Erwin from the adverse effects of fire and both natural and man-made disasters, as well as to provide effective fire prevention opportunities through public fire and life safety education.

The Town of Erwin Fire Department has been serving the community since 1891. We currently have 8 Full-Time and 7 part-time employees. We currently operate 4 front-line apparatus out of one station. The Town of Erwin Fire Department is an all-hazards agency and daily responds to calls for a variety of emergency services.

For Emergencies – Call 911

For Non-Emergencies – Call (423)-743-5201


Fire Apparatus

Engine 9

Engine 9 is a 2023 E-One/Spartan Rescue Pumper, It carries 1000 gallons of water and has a 1500gpm pump. Engine 9 carries a Full set of Hurst extrication tools as well as other Rescue Equipment. E-9 is our first due Engine.

Engine 7

 Engine 7 is a 1997 Pierce FL80, it carries 1000 gallons of water and has a 1500gpm pump. Engine 7 is our Second due Engine  .Engine 7 was put into service back in October of 1997.

Ladder 1

Ladder 1 is a 1997 Pierce FL90, It carries 500 gallons of water and has a 1500gpm pump. It has a 50’ Tele Squirt elevated master stream. Ladder 1 was put into Service in October of 1997.

Support 1

Support one is a 2020 F-150. It carries Extra rescue equipment as well as an AED for Medical Emergencies.


Flushing a hydrant is part of the bi-annual service each hydrant receives. Fire hydrants are painted different colors to allow firefighters to quickly identify the flow rate of any fire hydrant. Knowing the flow rate of a fire hydrant tells them how much water it can provide for firefighting operations. Red hydrants are up to 500 gallons per minute Orange hydrants are from 500 - 1,000 gallons per minute Green hydrants are from 1,000 – 1,500 gallons per minute Blue hydrants are 1,500 + gallons per minute



Business Fire Inspections – Inspections are conducted according to the 2018 International Fire Code and 2018 International Building Code. All businesses, apartments, nursing homes, and churches are inspected by code officials and firefighters in order to develop or update pre-fire plans to the structure and check for code compliance. This is critical to our ability to fight fire at a particular structure.
The pre-fire plan will contain valuable information, including but not limited to: the floor plan, needed fire flow, nearest hydrant location, etc.


The Town of Erwin has an ordinance prohibiting the sale, possession, or use of fireworks of any description within the city limits, except through public displays supervised by the TOE Fire Department.


Burn Permits are required for ANY open burning in the Town limits. If you have dry grass or material to burn, contact the Fire Department at (423)743-5201 to get the required permit. Permits help avoid costly fire damage and allow firefighters to ensure a fire does not get out of control. Open burn permits may be obtained throughout the year; however, open burning bans may be enforced from time to time, depending on weather conditions. Permits are issued at no cost. Only brush and natural materials may be burned and the material must have been generated from the property. The Town collects brush year round and leaves seasonally. Contact Erwin Town Hall for Seasonal leaf pickup dates. Burning of construction material such as treated lumber, sheet rock, asphalt shingles, paint products, etc. is expressly prohibited. The individual obtaining the permit is responsible for such burning, as well as for the consequences of, or the damages, injuries, or claims resulting from such burning.




The Town of Erwin Fire Department is a combination fire department. This means that we employ full-time career firefighters as well as part-time and reserve firefighters. Part-time and reserve firefighters respond alongside our career firefighters and provide a force multiplier for our emergency response operations.


Benefits of a Part-Time / Reserve Firefighter

  • Being a member of a progressive, active emergency response organization

  • Free training

  • Free uniforms and personal protective equipment

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED

  • Must possess a driver’s license valid in the State of Tennessee with the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle

  • Must submit to and pass a medical examination

  • Must pass a pre-employment physical agility test

  • Must attend and successfully complete Intro, Basic, and live Firefighting through the Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy within 1 year of Hire Date.

  • New Full-Time employees will attend and complete the Northeast Tennessee Regional Fire Training Academy which lasts 13 weeks. After completion of the academy, new hires will be certified to the Level of Firefighter 2, Hazmat Technician and Emergency Medical Responder.

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